Spiked Aprons and non-spiked latticed aprons

Spiked Aprons, transport aprons and conveyor belts for Textiles and Nonwovens
  • Spiked apron for all kinds of bale openers, Blending rooms and hopper feeders
  • Spiked aprons with laths of high density plastic, aluminium or wood with PVC backing belt
  • Spiked aprons made by vulcanizing the high density plastic laths on the PVC belt suitable for all uses.
  • Spiked aprons with aluminium laths and specially hardened pins. We also have inox steel pins for special uses.
  • Spiked aprons with multilayer wooden laths resistant to breakage

Pinned Lags

Pinned lags produced at any required sizes, with zero pin loss garanty, easily installed on drums with screws and bolts
  • Pinned duraluminium lags with inclined and/or flat pins recommendable for first drums of rag tearing machines
  • We can produce interlocking or noninterlocking lags. We can covert wooden lags into Aluminium lags. This way we can give a much better mechanical compactness and ease to install so that the usefll life of pinned lags will be longer.
  • We also have duraluminium lags with flat pins. They are more durable and with bigger tearing capacity. Recommended for first drums.


To give a full range of spare part service we are continuously expanding our product range.
  • Converyor belts with PVC or PU with metallic fasteners or endless joints.
  • All types of knives for cutting machines used in reycling textile waste
  • High density ruber rollers for feed cylinders of rag tearing machines

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