TEXPIN Spare Parts And Accesories For Textile Machinery

TEXPIN produces pinned lags for drum of the rag tearing machines, and pinned drums for spinning and perforation industry. Beside it produces spiked and nonspiked aprons for textiles and nonwoven. Besides it keeps knives for cutting machines, rubber roller sections for feeding cylinders of rag tearing lines and spring washers and other moving parts in stock.
Our clients are using our spare parts without any problem thanks to our production tecnologies and methods of production. We are using the best quality Aluminum alloy and high carbon content steel pins in our production process. All of our products which are used in rag tearing lines, textile, nonwovens and OEMs are produced under a strict quality control of Texpin quality responsibles. Our product can also be used in tobacco and Perforation sector.
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We are achieving a flawless usage of our spare parts thnaks to our high tech and high quality production methods.

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